Spring Time on Campus and Thoughts of Travel…

Wow – hard to believe that it is already May, 2011.  May is a time when those students that are in college are looking forward to their summer break.  The Spring semester is quickly coming to a close.  For some this means just hanging out for the next few months while others are looking forward to foreign travel.

For other students they are already starting to get geared up for the fall when they will travel overseas for a semester of study in another county.  And don’t forget all the foreign students that are planning to come to the United States to study for a semester or longer.  I am sure for all this is an exciting time in their young lives and they are looking forward to the new challenges that these types of opportunities bring.

Actually this type of travel event is one that is going on all of the time, not just in the Spring and Summer months.  One of the most critical choices these students will make is selecting the proper health insurance coverage that will cover them while they are away from home.  In most cases the country or school they will be traveling to will require them to have some sort of acceptable health insurance coverage.

Important considerations will be the scope of coverage, the strength of the insurance company behind the plan, the level of customer service and support provided to their policy holders.  There may be language barriers, a lack of local medical providers, transportation concerns and more.  Travel concerns run the gamut from pandemics such as H1N1 virus to terrorist threats like what happened in Mumbai.  Selecting an International travel plan that offers protection from all these things is not difficult if you know where to shop.

U.S, Domestic Health Insurance plans are not designed for International Travelers.  The simple fact is that existing health insurance plans are inadequate when taken outside the borders of the U.S. because they strictly limit overseas benefits.  One major concern is that in the event that you need to be medically evacuated to a higher standard of care – your domestic insurance plan will in most cases refuse to pay for these costs.

International Travel Medical policies are designed to pick up where your primary health plan leaves off.  If you do not have primary U.S. coverage then these types of plans act as your primary insurance while you are abroad.  The best designed plans offer more than emergency benefits.  They will cover the big-ticket items such as hospitalization and surgeries and they will also pick up the cost on physician office visits, ambulance services, prescription medications and more.

The premier type plans make it a point to cover sickness or injury due to a terrorist event or a pre-existing medical conditions.  Another major contribution these types of plans make is that some policies will pay the medical providers overseas on a direct bases so you can avoid hassles and red tape.

Travelers need to understand that there can be big differences in their coverage rights when they buy travel medical insurance.  Some plans are licensed and regulated in the U.S. while others sit offshore; beyond the reach of your local Department of Insurance.  These plans that are licensed and approved in the U.S. are called Admitted Insurance.  So when you shop for an International Travel Insurance plan you will want to consider one of these types of Admitted plans.

So who is a good company to consider coverage with?  That is an easy one – HTH Worldwide.  Here are two links that you can take a look at if you are interested in this type of coverage:

Link 1: HTH Worldwide TravelGap – for coverage up to six months,

Link 2: HTH Worldwide Global Student – Accident and Sickness insurance for International students.

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