HTH Worldwide International Global Citizen Plan To See Increase In Rates…

The HTH Global Citizen travel medical insurance plan is ideal for the “global-traveler” who is a U.S. citizen, or International citizen, traveling, living or working abroad on a long-term basis.  The policy is annual renewable which offers comprehensive major medical coverage inside and outside the U.S.  The Global Citizen is clearly the policy of choice if you are an American going overseas.

Like with the domestic markets here in the state, rates continue to climb.  HTH Worldwide has announced a rate increase for their International Global Citizen plan effective July 1, 2012.  Depending on the plan choices rates will see an increase in the 8-10% range.  It is important to note that HTH Worldwide Global Citizen is the only international health policy that is administered using HIPAA guidelines and meets all U.S. mandates for health insurance.  HTH also offers the security of an US underwriter and administrator (BCS Insurance Services) that has met the standards of state regulators and thus features coverage more generous than plans sold as non-admitted surplus-lines carriers many times off shore.

If you are planning to move overseas for more than 6 months then do yourself a favor and check out the Global Citizen as one of your options for long-term coverage.  Who is eligible? All U.S. citizens living abroad who are 74 or younger  –  All legal residents of the U.S. (citizens and foreign nationals) up to age 74  –  An employee of a U.S. company and the company pays the insurance premium.

Key Benefits …

  • Around the clock Assistance Call Center.
  • Free to access care “in and outside” the U.S.
  • Pre-existing condition exclusion can be waived with proof of prior creditable coverage.
  • Strength of a U.S. Regulated Insurer.
  • 3 tiers of coinsurance: 100% outside the U.S.; 80% in-network in the U.S.; 60% out of network in the U.S.
  • Unlimited Lifetime Maximum coverage.
  • $250,000 benefit for emergency medical evacuation.
  • Full “major-medical” plan; doctor visits, annual physical and screenings, Surgery, lab & X-ray, radiology, ambulance, acupuncture & chiropractic, hospital/inpatient coverage, physical therapy, mental health, prescription drugs, home health care, immunizations, medical equipment, private duty nurse … please see the brochure for complete benefit outline.

If you would like to get a current quote for the Global Citizen simply click on the quote button below.  If you have questions call me at (619) 435-6700.  As always please feel free to visit our website at

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