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International travel has become part of our everyday lives.  There are those who are traveling outside the borders of the United States for pleasure, while others are traveling for business.  Short term travel needs have not changed.  Having proper health insurance coverage when traveling is more important than ever.

But the International picture is bigger than just those on family vacations.  There are many cities around the world where American’s are living in long-term situations and their needs for proper International Health Insurance are just as important as it is for those who are traveling short-term and those that have domestic needs.  Much of today’s growth in business is happening in a global way.  More and more companies both U.S. and Foreign are conducting business outside their countries borders.

When people travel to foreign lands they need to make sure they have proper coverage in case of illness or injury.  For American traveling abroad they now have one of the best opportunities to insure themselves and their families with some of the best International coverage ever available.

GeoBlue_logo2Finally we have the power of Blue!  Go with a name and brand you can trust. GeoBlue is the trade name for the international health insurance programs of Worldwide Insurance Services, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.  GeoBlue International health plans are offered in cooperation with certain local Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies, with a network that includes more than 90 percent of physicians and 80 percent of hospitals across the U.S.  GeoBlue’s comprehensive portfolio of international health insurance plans demonstrates the commitment to covering members both at home and abroad.

What Good Is Health Insurance If You Can’t Find a Doctor You Trust?

GeoBlue has an elite network of doctors from almost every specialty ready to see you in over 180 countries.  Only a small fraction of doctors around the world meet GeoBlue’s exacting standards—participation is by invitation only.  GEOBlue seeks out professionals certified by the American or Royal Board of Medical Specialties who speak English, and they factor in recommendations by over 158 Physician Advisors from all over the world.

GEOBlue assembles in-depth provider profiles so their members can choose with confidence, and they put formal contracts in place to ensure preferred patient access. GeoBlue doctors and hospitals bill them directly so you don’t have to worry about filing a claim.

For members choosing a GeoBlue plan that offers benefits in the United States, you gain access to the largest national network and facilities that have been awarded the coveted Blue Distinction for superior medical outcomes.  In the U.S., more than 80 percent of physicians and 90 percent of hospitals contract directly with Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans.

GEO Blue Offers plans for short-term needs as well as long-term needs.  For those of you who will be traveling Internationally for less than 180 days for vacation, business or missionary travel, GEOBlue offers Single Trip, Multi Trip and Single Trip Group plans.

For longer term needs GEOBlue offers Expatriate health insurance for global living.  Comprehensive, portable benefits with an unlimited maximum are offered for Expats that provide coverage both outside and inside the United States.  There are International health plans for captains and crews who are on the seas.  And there are International health plans for career missionaries and volunteers.  A complete portfolio that covers most of the needs of American’s traveling abroad.

GEOBlue plans are available in most states and the list is growing.  To find out more about GEOBlue and their plans for Travel Medical & International Health Insurance  click on the blue button below.  See how GEOBlue can better protect your family on your next trip abroad.  Please call us with question at (619) 435-6700 or send us an email at ““.  As always feel free to visit our website for more information.

Check Out GEOBlue and see how the International Power of Blue can make the difference…


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