Seniors – Medicare Will Not Cover You When Your Travel Abroad This Fall…

The Fall Travel Season Is Just About Here

It seems that there are certain times throughout the year when the call for the travel bug seems to get busy – especially with Seniors. Many Seniors I speak to are simply not aware that Medicare DOES NOT cover you once you leave the borders of the United States.  For those of you that have a current Medicare Supplement, Foreign Travel benefits on some Medicare Supplements are limited to Medically necessary emergency care beginning during the first 60 days of each trip outside the USA.  You are responsible for the first $250 each calendar year plus 20% of the Lifetime Maximum of $50,000.  That is it… More and more seniors are becoming aware of the many gaps and limitations and they are not leaving things to change.

GeoBlue_logo2If you are going to travel abroad go with a name and brand you can trust.  GeoBlue is the trade name for the international health insurance programs of Worldwide Insurance Services, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.  GeoBlue International health plans are offered in cooperation with certain local Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies, with a network that includes more than 90 percent of physicians and 80 percent of hospitals across the U.S.  GeoBlue’s offers a comprehensive portfolio of international health insurance plans that demonstrate their commitment to covering members both at home and abroad.

Global travelers can leave home feeling confident that a trusted source of care is available at a moment’s notice—no matter what country, town or time zone.  GeoBlue’s highly qualified doctors speak your language, treat you like a friend, and bill GeoBlue directly for their services.  With instant access in the palm of your hand and twenty-four/seven concierge support, you’ll travel anywhere with the peace of mind that if your health is a concern, getting good care is not.

Travel Health Insurance fills health & safety gaps internationally!

Insurance — Even if you are already enrolled in a health plan, your coverage is limited when you travel abroad.  In fact, your plan may not pay to have you safely evacuated if you are critically ill.  Consider a Travel Medical plan before you leave.

  • From doctor visits to hospitalization to evacuation, clients are covered when they purchase a Travel Medical plan prior to departure
  • A costly event such as an air evacuation can be critical to access the best care
  • GeoBlue settles claims directly, so care is both cashless and convenient
  • There are no pre-certification penalties and terrorism is covered
  • Pre-existing conditions coverage is available in most instances

InformationWhere do you turn to learn which hospitals and physicians meet your standards?  Healthcare standards abroad vary and care is unpredictable.

  • GeoBlue provides convenient service via the web, mobile device or phone
  • Avoiding health and security hazards is essential in today’s global landscape
  • Health and security tools and news alerts cover hundreds of destinations

Access to quality care How do you find a western-trained, English-speaking doctor with the appropriate skills?  How do you arrange a convenient appointment and avoid upfront payment?

  • GeoBlue provides preferred access to elite doctors, hospitals and ensures quality care
  • Finding and receiving quality treatment abroad can be daunting, with GeoBlue you have tools available to you 24/7
  • Many hospitals require payment up front, resulting in steep out-of-pocket expenses, not with GeoBlue

Travel Health Insurance from GeoBlue offers a set of complete benefits and includes Global Health and Safety Services to help you identify, access and pay for care, worldwide.  And you can do all of this 7 days a week and 24 hours per day even via your mobile apps.

Two Short Term Plan Types offer by GeoBlue

GeoBlue Voyager is a short-term travel health insurance plan that includes services to help you identify, access and pay for quality healthcare.  GeoBlue Voyager fills health and safety gaps internationally.

GeoBlue Trekker is a short-term health and accident insurance for Multi-Trip International Travel.  GeoBlue Trekker provides the traveler with international health insurance for multiple trips throughout the year.  It is also a complete package of services to help you identify, access and pay for quality healthcare anywhere in the world.

Take the time to explore some of the products offered by GeoBlue.  I am providing you with a  direct link to our GeoBlue website and their products below.   GeoBlue’s comprehensive portfolio of international health insurance plans demonstrates the commitment to covering members both at home and abroad.

CLICK HERE FOR GeoBlue Direct Link To Quote Tool

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