Who Is GeoBlue? Expat Travel and International Health Insurance…

International health insurance products have been around for some time now.  Over the past ten years or so the plans available to U.S. Expats has improved dramatically over their humble beginnings.  For those who live in the European countries names like IHI International and BUPA were household names, but for U.S. Citizens who were used to our domestic plan markets these names meant little or nothing to them.

hthlogoFor those of us who live in the United States HTH Worldwide for many years was the company of choice for International Health Insurance plans for U.S. Citizens traveling or living overseas as an Expat.  Founded back in 1997, HTH Worldwide has been growing ever since insuring the needs of U.S. Citizens outbound from the United States.  Today they are leaders in International product development and mobile website technology providing world travelers with on-the-go access to healthcare tools and services.  HTH set new standards for international assistance services and for applying stringent criteria when contracting with doctors and hospitals outside the U.S..  Most important of all their International health plans were being insured by U.S. Admitted Insurance Companies.

GeoBlue_logo2Last year Worldwide Insurance Services, (the parent company of the GeoBlue and HTH Worldwide Brands) signed a trademark licensing agreement with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association and introduced the new plan designs now available with the GeoBlue brand.  Independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield Licensees collectively insure 100 million members and the Blue Brand is the largest and most recognized healthcare brand.  The new plans available from GeoBlue are available in cooperation with Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies in select states.  The power of Blue is finally here for U.S. Citizens living and working overseas and foreign nationals that work for U.S. based companies.

GeoBlue offers different plan variances starting with their Single Trip plans.  Multi-trip plans are available to both individuals and groups for those who travel frequently throughout the year.  For Expatriates, GeoBlue offers two individual plan designs as well as plan designs for small and large groups.  Finally they also offer plans for both Expat Missionaries and Maritime Crews working throughout the world.   All backed by Admitted U.S. Insurance Carriers.

If you are an American Citizen and you are planning a trip outside the borders of the United States GeoBlue is your first stop to shop for International Travel and Medical Insurance coverage.  Below you can click on the blue button and get an instant quote for you and your family today.  When you are ready you simple apply online.  If you are a group and you are in need of a quote for your employees living and working overseas download the census form from the link below and return the completed Census to us via email “sales@individualhealth.com”.  We will work closely with you to make sure you are getting the attention you need.  As always we are here to help so if you have questions please feel free to give us a call (619) 435-6700 or send us an email.



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