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GeoBlue Authorized Agent

For more than 28+ years I have been a health insurance agent working primarily within the U.S. Domestic markets.  We have worked for consumers in more than 20 states during this time.  In addition I have worked extensively in the International Health Insurance markets for those who are traveling outside the borders of their home countries whether it be short or long-term.

As we continued to get closer to the next phase of implementation of the new Affordable Health Care Act (known as Obama Care) it became abundantly clear that for our office we needed to make some hard decisions.  The complex nature of the Affordable Health Care Act and the fact that every state will treat and implement it differently I needed to seriously think about how I can best continue to  serve my clients.  For more than 15+ years I have also worked with Travelers and Expatriate’s heading outbound from the United States.  Both work and pleasure bring new challenges in today’s Global Economy.

GeoBlue_logo2Because a large portion of my career has been spent helping people with the health plans from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and other Blue Cross Blue Shield organizations I wanted to find a path that would allow me to continue in this industry.  When the GeoBlue brand came to market last year which is the Blue Cross and Blue Shield branding offered through Worldwide Insurance Services I found the answer I was looking for.  HTH Worldwide has been a first place to go for U.S. Citizens planning to travel and live overseas.

Today as American’s we now have the very best International Health Insurance products available than ever before.  With the power behind the GeoBlue brand I made my choice as to what direction I would continue to move forward in and today I am proud to be one of GeoBlue’s General Agents.  GeoBlue offers International Travel and Medical Insurance plans for both individuals and groups.  They have products for both short-term travel, trip cancellation and plans for expats living abroad on a more permanent basis.

If you  or your company has need for International coverages please consider contacting my office at (619) 435-6700 or send me an email.  If you would like to simply get a quote for an upcoming trip click on the blue button below.  Remember – I am here to help.


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