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GeoBlue_logo2One of the more exciting times in a person’s life is when they get to travel far and away.  Traveling to countries that are outside the United States can be a very exciting time.  But traveling abroad is not without risk.  It is clear that when you travel abroad you need to make sure you have taken the proper precautions to help assure that your travel will be safe and enjoyable.  Travel Medical Insurance is actually one of the essential things you need to consider when you leave the borders of the United States.

What I want to highlight in this post is that if you are traveling with a group of people whether it be friends, family or business associates you can save additional money on the voyager_brochurecost of your travel insurance as long as you meet the simple requirements.  Most people are not aware that this discount option even exists.  But it does and as long as you are traveling as a “Group” you can receive an additional 10% off of your travel medical premiums.

For U.S. Citizens traveling abroad one of the premier products available to you is the GeoBlue Voyager Choice Group Travel Medical Plan.  This premier U.S. based product is about as good as it gets for the American traveling for 6 months or less.  An example of a simple group might be a family that is traveling with parents, siblings and friends all going on basically the same trip.  You can enroll in the GeoBlue Voyager plan as an individual but why not enroll your whole group and save 10% on your overall cost of your premiums while enjoying the same protection as if you applied for it as a standalone plan.

GeoBlue Voyager Choice Group Plan Highlights

  • 10% discount on groups of 5 or more
  • Choice of varying medical limits and deductibles
  • For trips up to 6 months and for ages 85 or younger
  • Covers pre-existing conditions for medical services and medical evacuation
  • Requires a primary health plan
  • U.S. Licensed and regulated plan
  • Medical, Evacuation, RX,  AD&D coverage
  • No hospital pre-certification penalty

Eligibility Requirements

  • Home Country is the U.S. and;
  • You must be under age 85 and;
  • Enrolled in a Primary Plan** and ;
  • For Children under age 6, must be enrolled with a parent and;
  • Initial purchase must be made in home country prior to departing on trip from a GeoBlue eligible state

**Primary Plan is a Group Health Benefit Plan, an individual health benefit plan or a governmental health plan designed to be the first payer of claims (such as Medicare) for an Insured Person prior to the responsibility of this Plan. Such plans must be coverage limits in excess of $50,000 per incident or per year to be considered a Primary Plan.

Family Members included in your plan must be

  •  Your spouse; civil union partner or domestic partner
  • Resident(s) of the United States
  • Traveling outside the U.S. and scheduled to spend at least 24 hours away from his/her home

Finally – GeoBlue is Different

  • Enjoy 24/7 Phone, Web and Mobile Support
  • Prompt Access to Trusted Doctors and Hospitals
  • Cashless Appointment Scheduling
  • Paperless Claims Resolution
  • Destination Health Intelligence
  • Access to Worldwide Travel Alerts via GeoBlue website

Go ahead and check out the rates for the GeoBlue Voyager Travel Medical plans for Individuals and Groups.  No other International carrier offers so much!  If you have questions call us (307) 690-0427 or send us an email to ““.  We are here to help!

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