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Drum Cussac has issued this latest warning for U.S. Citizens traveling in the country of Lybia.  This information is available to GeoBlue plan members from the GeoBlue website daily…

Government Warning Issued for Libia

Category: Unrest

Severity: 4 (High)

Source: Drum Cussac

07/04/2014 (Libya) – Numerous social media reports on Friday, 4 July, revealed that several European-based activists will release a film that depicts the life of the Muslim prophet Muhammad and one of his wives, Aisha. The title of the animation is “Aisha and Muhammad” and it is expected to be released on Friday or over the weekend in certain European countries. 

This animation is likely to court controversy among Muslim communities in several countries, including in Libya, for its depiction of Muhammad. 

There are mounting concerns that the film will generate significant levels of violent civil unrest and terrorist activity in Libya and the wider region. The film credits several European-based individuals and organisations, including some from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Holland. There is also one credit mention of an alleged Pakistan citizen or a Pakistan-based organisation. 

The release of “Aisha and Muhammad” will also occur against the backdrop of multiple terror warnings and alerts of plots targeting international airlines and US diplomatic missions. Embassies in Algeria and Uganda warned of terror threats against US citizens and interests, with the former giving specific references to US-branded hotels. From Yemen, there are alleged plans by al-Qaeda to smuggle improvised explosive devices onto airlines. The latter development has forced the US government to bolster airport security and call on other countries to tighten security checks. 

While the film is likely to cause genuine offence among Muslims, extremist groups like al-Qaeda, their sympathizers and other Islamist movements with strong anti-western agendas, are likely to seize the opportunity to carry out attacks and orchestrate violent civil unrest. In 2012, the “Innocence of Muslims” film incited significant levels of social unrest in the Middle East, Asia and Africa as well as in Australia, Holland, France and the UK. Similar scenarios can be anticipated in the coming week. 

For personnel travelling and operating in Libya, they are advised to exercise caution and limit travel to mission critical status only. Maintain a low-profile and keep travel itineraries within the circle of trust. Travel to foreign diplomatic missions, particularly of the countries mentioned above, should be avoided over the next 24-48 hours unless it is absolutely essential. Any suspicious persons, items and activities should be reported to the proper authorities as soon as possible.

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