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cignacolourlogoAs we continue to grow as a Global Society, traveling and living outside the borders of your home country is just about as common as vacation travel.  Ex-patriot health insurance was designed to cover those who do exactly that – live and work abroad.  It is no secret that the quality of health care varies dramatically around the world.

When you move to a new country it may be exciting but the level of care in your new country may be lacking and not to the standards of your home country.  In addition as foreign nationals you more than likely will not have access nor be entitled to any subsidized healthcare.  It is important to consider an expatriate health plan that will provide for your health care needs should the need arise.

Today there are several companies to consider when it comes to finding the right International policy that will fit the needs of you and your family.  Cigna Global offers a unique approach to International coverage in that they have created a modular approach to building the International Health Insurance coverage you need.  Starting with the core insurance policy which provides protection for essential hospital stays and treatment and then tailor the rest of your plan by adding the essential components you feel are necessary.


If your home country is Singapore, United Kingdom or Hong Kong and you are not an expat from your home country but you want to purchase Global Private Insurance you are in luck.  Cigna Global can write citizens of these three countries even though they are not travelers.  Take advantage of true Global Coverage and add a private International Health Insurance option to your country’s domestic insurance.

The Cigna International Health Plans…

Cigna Global International Health PlansThe starting point to design your Cigna Global International Health plans is to choose from one of three distinct Core Plan Designs.  Cigna Global offers three essential core plans – Silver, Gold and Platinum to choose from.  The Cigna core policies provide coverage for inpatient, day case surgery and accommodation costs.  In addition, essential cover for cancer and psychiatric care are provided for.  Gold and Platinum policies also offer coverage for routine maternity

Cigna’s Customer Promise

Cigna Global is no stranger to customer service. For more than 30 years Cigna has delivered exceptional customer service to their global customers.  Cigna promises to deliver to each policy holder:

  • Globally compliant healthcare plans
  • Customer Services available 24 hours a day
  • Quick and easy access to healthcare facilities and professionals around the globe via extensive networks
  • Cigna will reimburse your treatment provider directly in most cases. In rare occasion where you are required to pay for services yourself Cigna aims to reimburse you within 5 working days
  • Payment can be received in over 135 currencies
  • Four integrated customer services centers around the world, available free phone around the clock with medical advice, assistance and administration support
  • Access to Cigna Global Network of over 1 million quality providers
  • Simplified claims process that enables you to access treatment without paying in many cases
  • Access to country specific healthcare advice and your healthcare documents

Cigna Global Monthly RatesHow to Create Your Plan…

  1. Select your Core Level of International Medical Insurance
  2. Add as many optional benefits as you wishFind your monthly rate
    1. International Outpatient
    2. International Medical Evacuation
    3. International Health and Wellbeing
    4. International Vision and Dental
  3. Find your monthly rate

How to Apply for Coverage

Anyone who is an Expatriate from their home country is eligible to apply for coverage.  All applications go through the Medical Underwriting process to determine eligibility based on your health status.  Prices vary with age, citizenship, residence, product and benefit design. The link provided here for rates includes rates that are indicative only and your actual rate may vary.  To get an more accurate quote call us with your information and we will send you a quote specific to your needs or Click Here for an online quote

And remember… if you are a citizen living in Singapore, United Kingdom or Hong Kong you can apply for private International Insurance with Cigna Global and never have to leave your home country.  Call (619) 435-6700 or email “” us with questions.

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