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Product Highlight – GeoBlue Voyager Single Trip Travel Medical

GeoBlue_logo2We truly have become a global society.  Traveling abroad is really not much more difficult that flying around your home country.  Here in the United States Americans are still struggling how to deal with the new Affordable Care Act and in many cases people who I speak with are simply sick and tired of the whole topic.  For most Americans the fact that the federal government compels everyone to purchase health insurance or face a fine means little to nothing to them.  What does matter is the cost and access to care.

Segway to those who plan to travel abroad, the requirement for International Health Insurance becomes a topic you cannot overlook.  Most U.S. Domestic health insurance is not designed to operate efficiently overseas and some countries will even require proof of international coverage before you can stay for any length of time.

In this post I wanted to highlight a real life example of how having a GeoBlue International Travel Medical plan paid off for one of their policy holders.  So lets take a look…

GeoBlue In Action…

Location:  Tokyo, Japan – GeoBlue member travels to Tokyo from his home in Missisisippi for a two-week visit with long-time friends.

Product Purchased:  GeoBlue Voyager Single Trip

Medical Situation:  80 year old member was acting erratically and was experiencing impaired consciousness upon arrival to his hotel in Tokyo.  He was rushed by local authorities to St. Luke’s International Hospital for evaluation and treatment.  ST. Luke’s Hospital is the preferred hospital in Tokyo for foreigners, due to the quality of medical services and the availability of English-speaking doctors and other services for non-Japanese citizens.

Diagnosis:  Viral encephalitis

Action:  Upon initial report of the case, GeoBlue’s Medical Director began monitoring the member’s medical condition.  After a thorough Neurological and Infectious Disease evaluation, physicians established a working diagnosis of viral encephalitis.  Treatment with antibiotics and anti-viral agents commenced.  Due to the seriousness of the illness and the patient’s age, the patient was being fed by a NG tube, had no use of his lower limbs and was experiencing mental impairment.  Bedside visit benefit of $1,500 was authorized by GeoBlue; patient’s wife traveled to meet him in Tokyo.  GeoBlue continued medical monitoring throughout the hospital stay, obtaining daily medical updates on patient to ensure appropriateness of care.

Outcome:  Despite a five week hospital stay, member still required continuing care in the United States.  Physicians in Japan recommended commercial evacuation back to the U.S. accompanied by two medically trained escorts, so the patient’s medical and feeding needs could be managed during the flight.  Upon arrival in the U.S., the patient was re-admitted to a hospital near his home in Mississippi.  Doctors confirmed the diagnosis, and discharged the patient for home care, where the patient continues to improve.

GeoBlue Value

Medical Services in Tokyo


Bedside Visit


Cost of member’s travel back to the U.S. via Commercial airliner, including team of two RNs


Total Incurred Expenses


Premium paid for Single Trip Plan $286.02

Don’t be caught under-insured!  Check out the rates from GeoBlue for your next trip abroad.  GeoBlue offers many International plan types including the Voyager Plus Travel Medical Plan highlighted here.

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