Travel Alert – Lebanon – Conflict

Drum Cusac has issued this latest UPDATED warning for U.S. Citizens and others traveling in Lebanon , specifically North Eastern border region.  This information is available to GeoBlue plan members from the GeoBlue website daily…

Intense Fighting in Syria Spill into Northeaster Border Region

Severity: 3 (Moderate)

Category: Conflict

Source: Drum Cussac

09/09/2014 (Lebanon) – Media reports indicate that multiple cross-border incidents occurred in the Arsal and Laboue districts on Monday, 8 September. Heavy fighting pitting Syrian regime forces against Islamist fighters battling for high grounds in Syria overlooking the Lebanese border led to several explosions in northeastern Lebanon. Artillery rounds exploded in the Wadi al-Rayaan area in Arsal. Two rockets exploded in the vicinity of a public school in Laboue, west of Arsal. In addition, a mortar bomb exploded in al-Amhaziyya, two rockets exploded in Hourtala and two other explosive projectiles hit Brital. The incidents did not cause any casualties.

Monday’s incidents highlight the persistent risk of cross-border conflict spillover generated by heavy fighting in Syria. Areas along the Syrian side of the border with Lebanon are among the last strongholds controlled by Syrian insurgents in the region between Homs and Damascus. Clashes between Syrian military units in cooperation with Hezbollah fighters and Islamist fighters are likely to result in further periodic cross-border rocket, artillery and stray fire. These incidents have the potential to cause localised property damage and casualties.

Given the prevailing security environment, clients are advised to reconsider non-essential travel in areas south of Hermel and north of Ras Baalbak. The northeastern Bekaa Valley is assessed to be a high-risk region for travel because of violence generated by Syrian conflict spillover. Clients are advised to undertake only mission critical travel in the area due to militancy and terrorist-style violence. All movement in Lebanon’s border areas should be conducted under stringent risk management measures. Personnel should obey the directives of security officials and local authorities. Required overland travel throughout Lebanon should be subject to comprehensive journey risk management procedures.

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