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Drum Cusac has issued this latest warning for People living or traveling in the United States.  This information is available to GeoBlue plan members from the GeoBlue website daily…

Islamic State Reportedly Calls on Supporters to Attack Tourist Destinations and Transport Hubs

Severity: 2 (Low)

Category: Instability

Source: Drum Cussac

09/18/2014 (United States) – Media accounts on Wednesday, 17 September, indicated that the Middle-East based Islamic State (IS) militant group had called on its supporters to carry attacks on popular tourist destinations in the United States. The militant group allegedly published instructions on its online forum for bomb attacks on Times Square in New York State, the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada State, unnamed tourist sites in Texas, as well as mass transit stations across the country. In addition, the IS released on Tuesday a video online that warned that the “fighting has just begun”.

Washington’s involvement in ongoing operations against IS in Iraq has prompted the jihadist group to execute two kidnapped Americans in the past month and issue further retaliatory actions. The aforementioned threat, however, is reportedly the first instance that the militant group has for called for lone wolf’ attacks on US soil.

The US government has stepped up its security measures since the start of the year in response to increasing terror threats. In July, the Department of Homeland Security also announced that security on US-bound flights from Europe and the Middle East, would be tightened.

The decision of the US Congress on Wednesday to approve President Barack Obama’s plan to train and arm moderate Syrian rebels to battle IS militants could trigger further threats in the short-to-medium term. As such, those in or intending to travel to the US should stay abreast of the latest security-related updates and heed directives from the authorities. Travellers should also anticipate security-associated disruptions, especially at tourist destinations and transportation hubs, whilst any suspicious object, package, person or activity should immediately be reported to relevant authorities.

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