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You finally reach a place in your life where you are ready to make a move or travel Internationally to new and exciting  places outside the borders of your home country.  Whether you are planning to travel abroad for short-term or live abroad for longer periods of time there are so many things you have to consider before you leave.  It seems as we continue to move closer to becoming a true global society more and more concerns need to be addressed before one departs their homeland.

Aside from the obvious, when you decide to travel or live abroad the Global Citizen has many new demons they are now forced to face.  Terrorism is certainly one of them.  Although terrorism is nothing new to a global community what is new is the frequency and severity of the events.  Most of the countries that you will visit have visa requirements that must meet and if you want to travel there you will have no choice but to meet all of them or find another country to visit.  One visa requirement that you will most certainly find in just about every country is the need for proper International Health Insurance Cover in addition to providing proof of financial solvency.

According to the U.S State Department Terrorist Attacks have increased worldwide by more than 43% this past year.  There was nearly 10,000 attacks which killed more than 18,000 people and nearly 33,000 people were injured.  On top of that there were more than 30,000 people kidnapped or taken hostage.  Try and wrap your head around that.  The bottom line is the world has quickly become a very dangerous place and for expats and travelers from certain countries additional cautions and preparations must be made in advance.

So when you start looking for a global option for your health insurance cover you need to make sure that Terrorism Coverage will be part of your policy.  There are simply too many examples out there where people have been injured as the result of a terrorist event and medical attention follows.  It is important that you know the limits of your health insurance cover before you purchase it and certainly before you leave home.

GeoBlue, a U.S. base company, offers a portfolio of both short-term (Single Trip) plan options and three of the best long-term health cover options for the International Expat.  So before you leave take the time to explore your options and get covered with the plan that best meets your individual needs.

If you are about to embark on a trip or move abroad and you have questions call me (307) 690-0427.  I am working daily helping people around the globe with their international health insurance needs.  If you prefer to contact me via email send me your questions tosales@individualhealth.com.  I am here to help.

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