International Travel Insurance During Spring Break…


Spring Break is almost here…  Spring Break is for many a time of the year when they plan to travel to exotic places for a week or two.  Here in Jackson Hole I have heard countless people mention that they are planning to travel to Mexico, Jamaica, Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica, Turks and Caicos, the Bahamas and more.  What surprises me is how many people will travel and they will not secure proper International Health Insurance Cover before they go.  I honestly think that the average U.S. Citizen has no idea of the real need for the cover nor do they have any idea as to how inexpensive it is.

The most common story I hear is that when people call their domestic insurance providers here in the states and ask if they are covered when they travel abroad, almost without exception the insurance company rep will tell them that YES they are covered.  This is dangerous as U.S. Domestic Health Insurance is not designed for International Travel nor does the Affordable Care Act require them to insure their policy holders abroad.  Yes there are benefits that can be paid and usually any benefits that are paid come in the form of reimbursement.  It will be your responsibility to pay for your services before you will leave.  In addition these U.S. insurers have no access to International networks or providers.  What good is your cover if you have no idea where to go for treatment.  Events such as Emergency Medical Evacuation will be an expense that you will have to bare all on your own.  Some of these bills can exceed $80,000+ just for the evacuation portion.

If a true emergency erupts your U.S. Domestic plan will more than likely only pay for any services directly due to the emergency itself.  They do not provide for Emergency Medical Evacuation which is vastly different to “Emergency Services”.  They simply are not equipped to help you in foreign countries and especially in countries where you may be staying in remote locations.  Click Here to read an earlier blog post titled “WHAT GOOD IS HEALTH INSURANCE IF YOU CAN’T FIND A DOCTOR YOU TRUST”

Recently my daughter traveled around the globe visiting 8 countries and she was gone for about 7 weeks.  I was able to insure her through GeoBlue on their Voyager Choice Single Trip plan with a ZERO $Dollar Deductible for less the $70.00.  She spent thousands to arrange this trip as do other people when they travel abroad – how could we let her go abroad with proper health insurance cover?  The answer was we could not.  Too many people think first, they do not need it, and second, the cost of the insurance will be too high.  What is the health and safety of your family worth?  Take a few minutes and check out what the cost for International Cover will run you and your family during your Spring Break.  You are on your own when you are in a foreign country.  Let GeoBlue be your partner on your next trip.  I think you will be more than surprised at the affordability and you can travel with true peace of mind.



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