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Megan & Mike Jerrard

Cuba tourism is booming, and all American’s can now legally travel to Cuba – with some limitations.  American travelers have been restricted from visiting Cuba for years now due to a trade embargo preventing the US from spending money on the Caribbean island, and while “tourist travel” is still prohibited, travel restrictions are now less severe.  Now any American wishing to travel to Cuba may do so for one of 12 reasons.

The new regulations came into effect December 2014, and now allow Americans to visit Cuba without prior permission from the US Government. The US previously required that any American visiting Cuba obtain a specialized licence to do so, though now citizens can travel on a “general license”, which is simply a claim that you qualify for one of the 12 categories permitted for authorized travel.

Unlike having to obtain a physical piece of paper granting permission for travel, all a general license means is that the individual decides that their visit fits one of the 12 rules…  Read more of this post on…

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