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Explosion of Hand Grenade Wounds Two in Ashdod Underscoring Threat Posed by Criminal Activity

Drum Cussac has issued this latest warning for people traveling and living in the country of Israel.  This information is available to GeoBlue plan members from the GeoBlue website daily.  Travel Safe!

Category: Criminal Activity

Severity: 3 (Moderate)

Source: Drum Cussac

n the evening of Monday, 20 April. The incident took place on Hatsiyonut Street and the blast wounded two bystanders. The victims were evacuated to a nearby hospital. A vehicle and the targeted shop were damaged in the attack. The perpetrator managed to flee the area of the incident.

At this point, further information is awaited concerning Monday’s attack in Ashdod. Initial reports point toward an apparent failed criminal attack. The incident underscores the indirect threat posed by criminal activity in Israel. Organised criminal networks, local gangs and individuals periodically resort to violence to protect and expand their personal interests. On 9 March, two bystanders were wounded in an explosion in a shop in Haifa. The blast was caused by an act of sabotage carried out by a competitor of the targeted shop. Criminal violence does not directly target Israeli civilians and/or foreigners but it generates a threat to all of those in the vicinity, especially because assailants may use automatic weapons and explosives to target rival personnel and/or buisnesses.

The areas most likely to experience criminal violence are Ashdod, Ashkelon, Haifa, the Tel Aviv region and Petah Tikva. To mitigate the risk generated by criminal networks, clients should maintain awareness of their surroundings at all times and keep a low profile. Personnel should be prepared for minor travel disruptions in the aftermath of an incident caused by an increased police presence and extra security checkpoints.

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