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Health Concerns Elevated due to Cholera Outbreak in 11 Counties

Drum Cussac has issued this latest warning for people traveling and living in the country of Kenya.  This information is available to GeoBlue plan members from the GeoBlue website daily.  Travel Safe!

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05/20/2015 (Kenya) – A media account indicated that Kenyan health authorities warned on Tuesday, 19 May, of a cholera outbreak. According to Cabinet Secretary for Health James Macharia, at least 3,234 cholera cases, including 65 fatalities, have been reported in 11 counties, including Muranga, Baringo, Kiambu and Embu, since December 2014. The counties of Nairobi and Nakuru have also been identified as the worst hit. Macharia stated that the government would intensify ongoing efforts, including surveillance, public awareness and provision of water treatment chemicals, to contain the spread of the outbreak.

The cholera outbreak reportedly started in Western Kenya before spreading to Nairobi as well as central and coastal regions. Health officials have blamed the continued spread to heavy downpours and rain-triggered floods last month, perceived poor hygienic practices in affected areas and lack of health facilities.

Cholera, an intestinal infection transmitted by water contaminated by human waste, can lead to diarrhoea, vomiting, and dehydration. Fluid intake should be immediately increased upon the presentation of these symptoms, and those exhibiting symptoms should immediately seek treatment. Rapid loss of body fluids leads to dehydration and shock.

Travellers in Kenya should practice good food hygiene standards such as drinking only bottled, boiled or chemically-treated water and eating food that has been thoroughly cooked. Personnel should also maintain good personnel hygiene by washing hands with soap and water or with an anti-bacterial gel, especially before preparing food and eating.

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