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The Worst Travel Tips You’ll Ever Hear!…


mappingmegan_04I read a fantastic post recently titled “No, it’s not your opinion. You’re just wrong“, and it’s often tempting to scream this when given travel advice from those with a horrible misconception about anything related to travel!!

And you know exactly the people and advice I’m talking about. It’s the auntie who thinks that you’ll leave for your trip abroad and wind up kidnapped, murdered or raped. Or the grandmother who lectures that you should never touch food from a roadside stand. Mine told me I shouldn’t travel to Africa as it was likely I would return home with Aids!!

It’s the cheap backpacker who says not to bother buying bottled water because tap water is fine (the same guy who shows up 4kg lighter after having gone incognito for three days) or the drunk uncle who advises you’ll end up starring in the sequel to “Taken” or “Hostel”. Though granted, Liam Neeson can rescue me any day!

Sure, the majority of people probably mean well when they’re telling you this stuff, and they’re probably genuinely attempting to help, but the fact is they just aren’t! And to quote my new favorite article, it’s not even their opinion, most of the time they’re just wrong!

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