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logo-geoblueNo matter where your International travels will take you it is important to know that you have a global partner ready to help!  International travel can be daunting, exciting, and rewarding all at the same time.  But travel abroad does not come without risk.  Most prudent people who will spend time abroad understand the importance of having a proper International Medical plan should the unexpected happen.  But if the unexpected does happen and you need care AND you have time to react where will you go for treatment?

GeoBlue ProviderNetworkBrochureFinding a qualified provider while visiting or living in another country that not only meets the medical standards you seek but also a whole variety of other needs such as payment, language, provider selection and more may not be easy to locate without help.  That is where GeoBlue comes in to play.  Not only are they the financial security for your care they also are you partner that can help you find and coordinate the right care.

GeoBlue offers global access to thousand of Providers and Facilities that have already been vetted out in advance should the need arise.  The GeoBlue Global Network consists of more than 710,000 Providers and more than 7,400 Facilities.  GeoBlue has built a comprehensive provider network ensuring their members timely, convenient access to quality care secured by contractual commitments and offering robust global coverage and support.

GeoBlue extends its global reach through the development of relationships through the Blue Cross Blue Shield network in the United States and Bupa outside the U.S.  By leveraging these strong relationships, GeoBlue is able to deliver an extensive global network ready to serve.  When you are outside the United States the GeoBlue Network is anchored by over 160 Regional Physician Advisors that are strategically located in more than 92 countries.

Provider Selection

The GeoBlue Network was built to meet the needs of expatriates and the globally mobile population.  It is comprised of carefully selected and profiled top physicians who meet rigorous selection criteria and agree to adhere to the quality standards set forth by GeoBlue.  These relationships are backed with direct contracts with doctors and facilities with specific provisions to ensure ease of access to care.  When the need for immediate care arises you need to have a resource that you can reach out to immediately and get the assistance you may need 24/7.  GeoBlue’s International Provider Networks is just one of the many tools available to you as a plan member.

  • Providers are nominated by Regional Physician Advisors (RPAs)
  • Recruited for credentials, quality and member convenience
  • Practice Western style medicine and possess accreditation’s and internationally recognized board certifications such as those from American, UK Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Authorities
  • ALL Contacted providers speak English; the majority speak at least one other language as well

Global On Your Mobile

samsung_4GeoBlue’s Unique and convenient online and mobile services help members better manage their healthcare with features such as a fully automated Direct Pay Process.  In Addition you have direct access via your SmartPhone Device with the ability to find doctors, hospitals and pharmacies.  You can request appointments and arrange payment Direct via your mobile ap and you will always have your ID Card handy right on your phone when needed.  Then when you are done with your care you can explore and look up past and existing claims right from your mobile device.

The International Plans from GeoBlue are more than just paper and an ID Card.  They provide you with comprehensive medical coverage worldwide, comprehensive Provider Networks abroad and more importantly they provide you with direct access to them via your mobile ap, the Internet, telephone, email and more.  When you are traveling or living abroad you can feel confident that you have the best protection against an unexpected medical emergency or illness with the resources to help guide you back to better heath.

Check out the plans from GeoBlue and see how affordable they are.  When you are ready you can simply enroll online from the privacy of your home or office.  If you have questions reach out to me at 1-307-690-0427 or via email at “”.  International travel is complicated enough… Let us help you find the right International Medical Plan before you leave that meets or exceeds your families needs.  There is no better International Cover solutions for out-bound U.S. Citizens… period.


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