Healthy Travel Tips: Ways to Stay Healthy BEFORE Travel…

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Healthy Travel Tips: Ways to Stay Healthy BEFORE Travel…


There are a myriad of articles online providing tips for staying healthy while traveling abroad; stay active, wash your hands, eat well, be cautious of the tap water. However staying healthy should start at home, before you depart for overseas. How can I stay healthy while traveling the world?

Travel can put real pressure on our immune system, even if it’s for fun; the stress, breaking the routine, “plastic” in-flight food,  jet lag, exposure to sick people, and environmental toxins. These all take their toll.

So while washing hands with soap and using hand sanitizer while you’re away are all great tips, these practices won’t stop you from getting sick if you have a weak immune system before you go. A strong immune system will keep you healthy despite everyone else coughing and sneezing around you, and will protect you from that bacteria circling through the airline A/C.

So it’s important to take care of your immune system whether traveling for business or pleasure.  And, if you prefer to spend your time abroad doing what you love rather than being sick in bed, there are a few things you can do to prepare your immune system by staying healthy before you travel.

Your immune system is your body’s defense against infection and illness. It recognizes the cells that make up your body, and will try to get rid of anything unfamiliar.  It destroys germs (bacteria and viruses) and parasites. If your immune system is weak it allows germs and parasites to take hold and you get sick. How can I boost my immune system naturally?

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