Cigna Global Announces Enhancements To Platinum Modules…

blogsite_cigna_header_03Cigna logo color_HORZ_01_trasparentBeginning January 1st, 2016 Cigna Global is making a bold move to enhance their Premier Expatriate Medical plan their Platinum Series.  One of the great advantage of the Expatriate Medical plans from Cigna Global is their flexibility.  Cigna Global modular design allows for the expatriate to tailor their own plans based on modules needed and deductible and coinsurance changes all in order to create an International Medical plan that meets their specific needs as close as possible.

Cigna Makes Platinum Richer

Two of the Core Modules, the Core Cover or Inpatient module and the International Outpatient module which create the foundation that your medical plan is built upon.  Up til now their flagship plan the Platinum Level had overall annual limitations of $3,000,000 maximum for Inpatient services.  On the Outpatient module it was limited to no more the $78,000 USD per annual period.  That all about to change.  Beginning January 23rd, 2016 Cigna Global is increasing these amounts to UNLIMITED both on the Inpatient Core module and the International Outpatient module.

This is a huge gain for the International Expat living abroad who seeks the very best in International Medical Coverage.  Many customers have expressed concerns about the limitations especially the Outpatient limitation of $78,000.  Well no longer is this a concern.  Cigna Global just stepped up to the plate and they are now running head to head plans like the Xplorer Premier with GeoBlue.  Just these two enhancements are really something to talk about but there is more…

Out of Area Cover and Maternity Changes

In addition to the above enhancements to the Core Inpatient and International Outpatient modules Cigna Global is adding Emergency treatment in the USA for Worldwide Customers excluding USA Customers.  For those USA Customers they still have the option to add Home Country cover for an additional premium.  For Maternity coverage Cigna Global is moving routine pre- & post-natal outpatient care to the Outpatient module.  Now 12 month waiting period across all maternity benefits.

Expanding Global Service Capabilities

Shanghai cityscape

Cigna Global is excited to announce the opening of a second global service hub in Shanghai, China from January 2016.

This will expand their service capabilities as we’ll be able to provide 24/7 claims, customer servicing worldwide. It also provides a more localized solution for brokers and customers in their Asia Pacific markets.

Watch out for more details coming soon, as we are confirming the exact opening date.  There had never been a time better to get a quote from Cigna Global to meet the your Expatriate Health Insurance Needs.  If you have questions please reach out to me, Timothy Jennings at 1-307-690-0427 or send me an email to “”  I am here to help!


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