Cigna Global Announces New Rates for 2016…


Cigna Global 2016 Rates Effective February 15th

GREAT NEWS FOR SENIORS 5 -10% Rate Reduced for ages 60-80

salesguide_02Effective earlier this year on the 15th of February 2016, Cigna Global Health Options updated rates for individual expatriate medical products to reflect emerging global medical cost trends.  On 15 February 2016, Cigna Global lowered their prices for customers ages between 60 and 80 by 5 – 10%

Cigna Global stays on top of global inflation

With the advantage of having over 1 million network hospitals physicians and clinics globally, Cigna Global benefits from reduced in-network claim costs.  This in turn allows them to control medical inflation trend closely, which reflects both unit cost and utilization increases globally.  The medical trend rate actions vary by geographic location and as such, are designed to ensure they meet the individual needs of Cigna’s diverse, global expatriate customer base.

Lower their prices for customers ages 60-80

On the 15 February 2016, Cigna Global lowered their prices for customers aged between 60 and 80, by 5 to 10%.  The rate reduction benefits new customers, and existing customers at renewal.  Cigna believes that the lower prices, coupled with the fact that there are no age restrictions on their plans makes Cigna Global Health Options a very competitive option for senior clients

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