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Navigator_facultyEvery year the International Health Insurance markets continue to grow.  More and more students are traveling abroad to further their education.  This year is no different and with the July 1st date coming up fast there are some changes that are happening to the GeoBlue Navigator for Students and Faculty plans, GeoBlue’s Flagship plan for Expat students and faculty.  Effective July 1, 2016 GeoBlue will be increasing the rates for the next 12 month period.  Although rate increases are not popular with our clients this one is actually very good news.  This years rates will increase only 3% .

Now for the good news!  GeoBlue is adding a couple of enhancements to the GeoBlue Navigator Plans and here they are:

GeoBlue Navigator for Expat Students

  • Access to Universal Rx – a national provider of managed care prescription services.  This change will be automatic if you are currently a Navigator plan member.
  • Contraceptive services, surgeries and supplies will no longer be excluded under your plan.
  • Member rates have a flat 3% rate increase across all deductibles and age bands

57459011.jpgThe Navigator delivers Worldwide health insurance and services for Students and Faculty living and working abroad.  The GeoBlue Navigator health plan meets the needs of International Students and Faculty by offering comprehensive worldwide benefits – inside and outside the U.S. – without the typical limits, eligibility conditions and benefits exclusions common among traditional plans.  The opportunity to study or teach abroad is for many the opportunity of a lifetime. Being properly prepared for unexpected events while abroad is the only prudent approach to International travel.

If you are an outbound U.S. Citizen looking to live abroad than there is no better plan for the U.S. Expat living in another part of the world.  If you have questions feel free to reach out to me at (307) 690-0427 or email your questions to ““.  Visit our website when you are ready to shop @

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