Cigna Global Announces 10% Discount for Families…


Cigna Global just announced that families of four or more may now qualify for a 10% discount when they take up a Cigna Global policy including all optional modules.

The 10% discount is applicable to policies with four or more members (including the policyholder), where the optional modules International Outpatient, Vision & Dental, Health & Wellbeing, and Medical Evacuation have been selected.

This should come as welcome news.  Cigna Global is always looking for ways to further enhance their plans availability and pricing in order to meet their customers’ needs, and ensure they’re the first choice for globally mobile individuals.  I believe that this initiative makes Cigna Global an even more competitive option for families.

GeoBlue XplorerIf you are planning to live outside of the borders of the United States or your home country the plans from Cigna Global may be perfect for your expat needs.  If you would like to explore the cost for one of the Cigna Global plans click on the Request for a Personal Quote button below.  If you would like to explore the rates on your own click the Get A Quote button to the left.  If you have questions please feel free to reach out to me at (307) 690-0427 or shoot me an email to “”.  As always we invite you to visit our website where all the GeoBlue plan information can be found.  Remember… I am here to help!


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