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A Snapshot into the GeoBlue Navigator Plan Series

GeoBlue International Medical Insurance Plans for ExpatsAs global lifestyles emerge, the demand for comprehensive international health insurance has grown rapidly.  In response to this demand, a new generation of superior health plans is now available to serve expatriates and their families.  This is a positive development for American expatriates who have historically had limited choice when it comes to coverage.  Existing insurance options have often missed the mark because of limited benefits, long waiting periods, harsh exclusions, per-certification penalties, lack of portability and other hidden gotchas.  GeoBlue’s Navigator series of plans are unique in that they are specifically tailored to people who fall into one of four expat categories.  Special rates and benefits structures are incorporated into the Navigator for those who are Students, Faculty, Missionaries and Maritime Crew Members.


  • An individual expatriate product for extended living outside of your home country
  • This is a U.S. filed, credible health plan that provides worldwide-portable benefits
  • Minimum enrollment period of 6 months (3 months for Students and Faculty)


  • U.S. Career Missionaries, Students or Faculty, Maritime Crews residing or planning to reside abroad
  • Foreign Students or Faculty living in the United States
  • All Nationalities living globally as Professional Yacht Crew


  • The GeoBlue plans help its members identify, access and pay for the best healthcare anywhere in the world
  • With contracted, western-trained, English-speaking doctors in 190 countries, GeoBlue can deliver cashless and paperless access for care
  • Using the GeoBlue “Global Health & Safety” resources, members can plan for and effectively respond to the challenges of international living
  • Members can access concierge-level support 24 hours a day by phone, over the web or through the GeoBlue mobile application
  • Pre-existing conditions are covered with 12 months of prior creditable coverage
  • Coverage is global but the plan is U.S. regulated (note: plan is exempted from certain ACA provisions based on the filing classification)


  • Customer applies online or via a paper application. Applicant is tracked to you when the customer uses your unique web link or brochure
  • Plan is medically underwritten and coverage may be: 1) Issued with standard rates or 2) Rated up or 3) Declined for coverage based on health history
  • Coverage is renewable at the consent of the member and insurer. Note: Members can keep the plan for a maximum of 9 months after returning home
  • Welcome materials are sent electronically and via mail. • Members are invited to register on the website, mobile site or app


  • In addition to GP’s and Specialists in 190 countries, GeoBlue has also contracted with over 1,500 notable hospitals and clinics around the world
  • Members are free to seek care with any provider outside the U.S. without penalty, but if a member goes to a GeoBlue contracted provider, GeoBlue can arrange for direct billing when scheduled through the app, desktop, mobile device or over the phone
  • Members have access to the BlueCard network for care in the United States


  • U.S. health insurance plans do not respond adequately when taken abroad. This plan offers comprehensive coverage for episodes of international living
  • Providing extensive information on the ever-improving healthcare options overseas, GeoBlue has shifted where members are accessing their care and has helped to manage costs and improve patient outcomes
  • With this unique program, International Missionaries, Crew Members, Students and Faculty can access local, regional and global health care options with the help of GeoBlue


  • GeoBlue offers a full line of collateral materials both in print and electronic.  Members have access to their own Member Area online and there is a wonderful Mobile Phone App you can take with you abroad.


  • Click Here to view Navigator for Students & Faculty
  • Click Here to view Navigator for International Missionaries
  • Click Here to view Navigator for Maritime Crews

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