Cigna Global Covers High Net Worth Local Nationals in Cyprus, Greece, Malta & Romania…

getquote_1_4bordersGreat news! We are delighted to announce that Cigna Global Health Options is now available to local nationals in Cyprus, Greece, Malta and Romania.  Cigna Global is always looking for ways to further enhance their proposition and to meet your needs. Responding to global feedback and a growing market demand, Cigna Global has developed a product for local nationals in these key European markets.   Now Cover for high net worth local nationals in Cyprus, Greece, Malta and Romania is now available.

Cigna Global has removed the clause which restricts the cost of treatment during the period of cover for a total of less than 90 days in the beneficiary’s country of nationality – enabling access to care across the globe as well as their home country.   Local nationals who want access to high quality healthcare, both home and abroad can have it.  If you live in a country where the level of healthcare does not meet your needs and you wish to seek care in other parts of your home country or in other countries you can now achieve this flexibility.

Other countries where Cigna Global Individual plans are already available to local nationals are the United Kingdom, Singapore and Hong Kong.  Cigna Global continues to work hard in making quality global in scope health insurance coverage available.  If you have questions reach out to me by phone +1 307-690-0427 or by email “”.


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