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GeoBlue Offers Global Access to eClaims

getaquote_blueGeoBlue offers several ways to submit a medical claim from abroad should the need arise.  GeoBlue eClaims is on of the tools available to you via their FREE Mobile Phone App.  Here are a few Q&A’s for you to consider:

Why would I file an eClaim?

Through eClaims, expats can file with greater accuracy through a process that is quick, convenient and paperless:

  • Quick and easy filing process
  • Convenient online and mobile formats
  • Paperless process and storage of document such as billing statements and scans of checks or receipts

How can I submit an eClaim?

eClaims can be accessed from the GeoBlue app. Using the app, members submit a claim in two ways:

  • Fill out a paperless claim form using a mobile device
  • Submit a photo of a completed paper claim form

eClaims can also be accessed through the Member Hub on

  • Members will follow a guided application to upload their supporting documents
  • Each step of the submission process has tool-tips that assist users in entering valid information
  • The application will pre-fill the member’s contact and bank details after the first submission
  • Members can check their claim status online at any time

Can claims be submitted any other way?

  • Yes, if necessary claims can still be submitted via email, fax or postal mail. A printable claim form is also available in the Member Hub on

How can filing a claim be avoided?

  • When a member contacts GeoBlue prior to accessing care from a contracted provider outside of the U.S., Direct Pay can be arranged and GeoBlue will provide a Guarantee of Payment to cover the medical treatment.

GeoBlue is Different

GeoBlue members enjoy:

  • 24/7 Phone, Web and Mobile Support
  • Prompt Access to Trusted Doctors and Hospitals
  • Cashless Appointment Scheduling
  • Paperless Claims Resolution
  • Destination Health Intelligence

If you are planning an adventure abroad please consider the plans and supports systems that are part of each before you leave home.  The enrollment process is simply and done completely Online from the comfort of your home or business.  If you would like to request a Free GeoBlue Quote simply click on the button below and provide the information needed.  We will send you a personalized quote in a timely manner.  If you have questions now please feel free to reach out to me at (307) 690-0427 or by email at “”.  Remember we are here to help!


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