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cigna-logo-color_horz_01_trasparentTraveling or living abroad can be a very exciting time in one’s life.  So many new places and people to see and meet.  Most Expats who live abroad understand the need for a comprehensive global in scope health plan.  Today there are many International plans to choose from today and so many look good on paper.  But what actually happens when one gets sick or injured in a foreign country where they may not be familiar with the area – how do you seek competent health services should the need arise without help?

Well companies like Cigna Global have been working on this very topic and Cigna Global has launched a unique Global Health Assist program that is carried out by their dedicated team of doctors and nurses, who work hand in hand with customers with serious or complex health conditions to bring them the full medical support they deserve.

Cigna Global is dedicated to helping you and your family live happier, healthier lives with an unparalleled level of clinical expertise, which grants all beneficiaries access to:

  • Cigna Global provides their customers with access to speak with a doctor or nurse.  This can offer a second opinion service or simple reassurance to their customers at what can often be a sensitive and potentially emotional time.  Included within this service may be an independent view on their diagnosis or treatment plan.
  • When treatment is more complex, their nurses can take over the case providing clinical guidance and reassurance.  In addition, that nurse can become the beneficiary’s dedicated point of contact throughout the treatment process

Cigna Global’s Health Assist service works with a proactive and personalized approach to manage complex health conditions. Cigna’s qualified nurses from the Clinical Team will immediately contact customers suffering from pre-existing conditions or serious illnesses and confirm a personalized and dedicated point of contact for the customer, and you will receive personalized support and information about;

  • Cigna Global’s second opinion program
  • Medical network/preferred provider information
  • Hospital visits and navigating the “Healthcare Maze”
  • Detailed coverage information and;
  • Personalized support and case management

Cigna Global Individual Plans GuideOverview of Cigna Global’s Expat Plans

  • Cigna offers 3 levels of cover:  Platinum, Gold and Silver. Each plan is very comprehensive although the overall limits will differ.  (Silver plan is a semi private room, Gold & Platinum are private room should you be admitted into hospital).  Only Gold and Platinum plans offer Maternity cover – 12 month waiting period applies to both International Medical Insurance and International Outpatient.
  • The only mandatory part of their plan is – International Medical Insurance.  The other modules – Outpatients, Medical Evacuation, Health and Wellbeing, Vision and Dental are optional additions.
  • Payment options are monthly, quarterly (3% discount) and annually (4% discount).  You have the option to include a deductible / excess / copay on: International Medical Insurance and or International Outpatients.

International Medical Insurance:  This covers you for hospitalization   – any emergencies due to disease, illness, accident or injury on an inpatient & day patient basis.  It also gives you full cover for cancer, psychiatric care & anything that you would be admitted into hospital for.

Outpatients:  This covers you for trips to local doctor, GP or specialist.  Accident & emergency visits, all of your prescriptions for drugs and dressings, physiotherapy, vaccinations etc.  Basically covers the most frequent reasons you’ll be visiting a doctor or specialist that does not require a hospital stay.

Medical Evacuation:  As example – if you’re involved in a serious accident or have a serious illness and the treatment you need isn’t available locally.  Cigna Global will evacuate you to the nearest center of medical excellence. Repatriation & Compassionate visits are included.

Health & Wellbeing:  This covers your annual check-ups, routine physical, other age related benefits like pap smears & mammograms for ladies (aged 35+), prostate cancer (50 years) & bowel cancer screening (55 years).

Vision &  Dental:  Vision care covers one eye examination, also lenses, glasses, frames & prescription sunglasses.

  • Preventative – 2 check-ups per policy year scale/ polish etc – 3 month waiting
  • Routine – Root canal, extractions – 3 month waiting
  • Major restorative – Denture, crowns, implants etc – 12 month waiting

Please reach out to me anytime by phone (307) 690-0427 or email “  I hope this is helpful to your family.

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