Cigna Global Provides Coverage for Extended Family Members

valuepropositionIt is confusing enough shopping for International Health Insurance for your immediate family.  But what about your extended family and theirs?  And what if your extended family live in other parts of the world all at the same time?  Although this sounds complicated we have a solution for the High Net Worth family and all those other family members important to them.

Cigna Global now offers coverage in a single contract coverage for all immediate family and extended family members you wish to include.  So what is the advantage of placing your extended family on one single policy?  To start with Cigna Global makes it easy to administer a large number of family members all in one single place.  Secondly, there are significant discounts that can be built into your families International Cover.  Finally you are providing truly global medical coverage to you family and know that if a medical event arise there is concierge level assistance available to them no matter where they might be.

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