National General Dental Plus for Californian’s

Dental Plus from National General a True Hybrid Dental Plan

In California there are several good dental plans to choose from when shopping for your family.  Some of these plans tend to be a bit confusing as most of them are based on Network Providers to provide the substantial savings most Californian’s seek.  The traditional PPO style dental plans are very popular and work great – as long as your within a fairly large network area so you have some choice in terms of your dental provider.  National General now offers you a dental plan with both options to help you meet your family’s dental needs.

Fixed Benefit Dental Plan

One of the more popular plans to come to market in the past few years is what the industry refers to a “Fixed Benefit Dental Plan”.  There are so many places across this country where a solid PPO Network does not exist and in some cases not at all. This is where the Fixed Benefit Dental plans come in.  The benefits are paid directly to you based on the schedule for the plan enrolled in giving you complete freedom to shop your dental care.

In addition these plan types give you the ability how and who receives the benefits under the plan.  In some cases people prefer to have their dental benefits paid directly to the provider rather than to them. This is helpful in that if the dental provider will allow this you will have less out of pocket when you leave the office. However once you assign these benefits to your dental office they know exactly what they can and cannot charge you.  Being able to keep the benefit structure to yourself give you an advantage that allows you to negotiate from the strength of a CASH position which in many cases can work in your favor.

National General offers a Fixed Benefit dental plan which pays you a fixed amount for each dental procedure.  The plan works two ways; either you can see “any” dentist and National General will send you the fixed benefit amounts for the procedures you received.  You simply submit your claims and receive reimbursement for those services paid for.  National General now  offers a new benefit for additional savings giving you the freedom to choose a dental provider of your choice or one within the National Careington Maximum Care Dental Network.

For an additional $3 per month per insured you can now add this option allowing you to see a dentist within the “Careington” dental network and have your total procedure cost reduced by 25% – 50%, plus receive the reimbursed “fixed benefit” amount which is mailed directly to you.

Another new feature of the Dental Plus plan that is a bit different than other plans such as the Anthem Blue Cross Dental Plans is that with the Dental Plus product they give you $100 per insured twice per year for a preventive dental visit.  Plus the overall benefit maximum on the Dental Plus is $1,5000 per year per insured.  These two preventive visits are IN ADDITION TO the $1,500 yearly maximum effectively give you a contract with a total value of $1,700 per year.

This is unique in that most of the other competitive dental plans in California have a plan maximum of $1,250 and although they include two preventive visits per year these visits are part of the total amount each year.

Simple, Affordable, Good for your Health

  • CA$H benefits
  • No waiting periods for check-ups – you get $100 for a visit every six months
  • Get a set cash amount for each dental treatment such as extraction or a filling.
  • Visit any dentist – no network restrictions.
  • Receive cash benefits directly, or allow your dentist to submit the claim and receive the payment.
  • In most states, apply for coverage through age 70, renew up to age 75. (Apply through age 64 and renew up to age 70 in CO, MA, MD, NC, NJ, OH, SD and UT.)

SAVE $ Beyond the Benefit Maximum

A point overlooked by just about everyone that looks for a dental plan is the additional savings that one can achieve by simply utilizing a provider within the Careington Network.  So for example let’s say you exhaust your dental plans maximum benefits for the year but you still need additional dental care.  The good news is that even though the plans maximums have been met you still continue to receive the savings offered by the network providers.  This is a significant gain for your family and it represents real money.

The Choice is Yours with Dental Plus

Use the plan and seek care from any dental provider anywhere within the United States or for some or all of your care seek out a Careington Dental Provider and save real money each time you need dental care.  The choice is yours.  Finally there is a dental plan that makes sense both economically and in terms of access to care.  Check out the cost by completing the form below.  Enrollment takes only minutes and there are NO medical questions.

Receive A Personal Dental Quote

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